Friday, July 3, 2015

Book Cover Project Continued...

I have a couple illustrations to add to the book cover project I've been working on. I love anytime I am driving and see a dog with their head out of a car window and ears flapping in the wind. It always looks like they are just having the best time ever. So the above illustration came out of the idea that if dogs could drive themselves, they would be in the car all the time (I have a friend who noted that this dog does not look like a very responsible driver- I don't think most dogs would be, so I guess it's a good thing that they are content to sit in the passenger seat)!

Inspiration for this illustration came from a bluesy children's musician who I adore by the name of Randy Kaplan. Among his many hilarious songs is one called Shampoo Me! about a shark that comes up through the drain while a kid is taking a bath, and he has an unusual request. My particular favorite of Kaplan's is a song called Roaches, about the little houseguests that inhabited a New York City apartment he once rented- but I didn't suppose that would make a children's book cover that looked like anything a parent would buy for their child (but if Kaplan ever decides to make his song lyrics into books, I will buy every one)!