Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adopt a Pumpkin at the Art Barn

I Finally Did It!

I have been meaning to start a blog for my artwork for a long time, and for one reason or another (oh, like moving halfway across the country!) I have put it off until now. This is a blog for those who have seen my art, and for those who I would LIKE to see my art! In the (hopefully) near future, I would like to have some links on this blog to ebay or my own (not yet created) website, where my originals or greeting cards can be purchased. But, one thing at a time!

The move to Atlanta has been very artistically motivating for me, especially in the last month or so. I have started to search out places to display my work, such as coffee shops and small galleries, and this month I am back to my pumpkin painting! I have painted these little guys just about every year since I was thirteen... and it's a wonderful way for a new artist to get some attention in Atlanta. I will be out at Morning Glory Farm in Canton, GA on October 21 to sell them. It's an absolutely wonderful and creative place (theartbarn.com) so I think I will do quite well there!