Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From the Sketchbook...

The last one gives new meaning to the phrase "capturing your image".

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Palmer's Candy Co.

I think it would surprise a lot of people if they knew how much work sometimes goes into a commission before an artist even sets a pencil to paper. The idea is everything. A good example of that is the Palmer's Candy project, which I received through the Sioux City Art Center as part of a public works project. I racked my brain for over a week and made a lot of sketches that weren't going to work. Then one night I couldn't sleep and started thinking about that great, dreamlike scene from the Charlie Chaplin film "Modern Times" where he is weaving in and out of all the factory gears. I wanted to find a way to make the painting personal to Sioux City, and since the candy is made in a factory right here in town, there was my idea.

I was so excited about my inspiration that I was up half the night doing sketches and laying it all out. The rest of the process was completely enjoyable, especially the part where I actually went to the shop to get ideas for different kinds of candy and the colors that could be used. Of all the candy I wanted to make sure that the Twin Bing, the candy bar Sioux City is famous for, was what people would recoginize right away.

Initial sketch:

The first small illustration was done with markers and colored pencils. I replicated the piece two more times with acrylic paint over the next several months- one 30"x30" canvas for inside, and a 4'x4' board for the outside of the building. I drive past it now several times a week, and it is still exciting to see how my idea developed into a work of art for everyone to enjoy!