Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Sketchbook: Dutch Inspiration

A few weeks ago I took a trip across the state of Iowa to attend the IA-SCBWI conference in the Quad Cities. Along the way I planned a few sightseeing stops, one of those being the town of Pella (I made it a week before hundreds came for their annual tulip festival.) The tulips were absolutely stunning, lining every street and the town square. What I was even more surprised by was the beauty of the Dutch buildings and homes (and the trees, I loved those trees!) The entire downtown area looks like it could be a village in Holland (and having always wanted to see Europe, I got to pretend for a few hours.) The rain didn't bother me as I walked around in awe with my camera (although it IS difficult to hold an umbrella and take photos at the same time!) and then did some sketches later (in a warmer, drier place.) I'd been inspired by the colors, dress, and the architecture of the Dutch and would love to do a finished illustration featuring them. Next weekend I'll be at an SCBWI illustrator get-together in Orange City, another Dutch town a little closer to home, and hoping to do some more sketching!

Photos from Pella: