Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Bed is a Boat, Part Two

This is a companion piece to the My Bed is a Boat illustration that I posted previously. I'm planning on having postcards printed with that illustration on the front and I needed a black and white image for the back. I wanted to use the same children but it took several sketches because I was trying to decide how I could continue this "story" on the back of the postcard. I decided to put them safely back in their room, but there are details to suggest why they might be dreaming such a dream- a toy train and sailboat, a pet fish, and curtains in the same polka dot pattern that they use for the sails.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Bed is a Boat

During one of my exhibits in 2005 I received a message that a children's musician from Minneapolis had looked at my work and really liked a painting titled My Bed is a Boat, inspired by a Robert Louis Stevenson poem. Fast forward to 2009, when I received an email from him saying that he was ready to work on the lullaby album and hadn't gotten the image out of his head of that painting. The size of that painting would not have worked well for a cd format, and I figured it could use a good update anyway, as I have grown a lot as an artist in the last six years. I still wanted to give the mood of serenity and wonder, but I wanted to add a sense of place. In my original painting there are only bare hills in the distance.

In the new version, it's a warm and exotic locale- palm trees, a tropical bird and turtle, and mountains in the distance. As I have said in previous blogs, music has a strong impact on the creation of my work and with this illustration I found myself listening to Stan Getz- that smooth 50s jazz that you'd expect to be playing in some sleepy little club in the wee hours of the morning somewhere in South America. I added two children instead of just one in the beginning simply because it made the composition more dynamic, but it really gave the illustration less of a lonely feeling and became more about two children sharing the wonder of a new, adventurous experience together.

Dress-Up Time

This is a quick little illustration I did as a birthday gift for the mother of the children I nanny a few days a week. I've spent many hours observing these two little girls, and I decided to go with one of their most popular activities, dress-up. The three year old likes to pretend she is a princess and dance around while the baby enjoys examining all of her pretty accessories.